Prayer And Care

Life can be tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We want to help. Whatever you’re facing, we know that the first step to getting past whatever is holding you back is to reach out and talk to someone.
What if help is one conversation away?

Do you have a prayer request?

We want to talk and pray with you about whatever is going on in your life.
We would love to see you on Sunday, Wednesday or meet with you during the week.
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Lots of Christians struggle with prayer. Many of us grow up hearing about prayer but never learning to pray. Others of us grew up in churches where the only time we prayed was during a call and response or when we recited the “Our Father” together.

Prayer is powerful, but it doesn’t have to be formal. Prayer is simply talking to God about what’s on our minds — from our to-do lists to our friends’ latest drama.

If you’re struggling with prayer or have a request, use the button below to connect with us.


Life Coaching / Counseling

Christian Life Coaching/Counseling integrates biblical principles with professional guidance to help individuals navigate life's challenges and achieve personal and spiritual growth. It offers a supportive environment where clients can explore their faith, set meaningful goals, and find purpose through the teachings of God's word.
Life Coaching is available here at Northside for individuals or couples. We are also in partnership with local counselors for extensive needs.Please contact the church office at (706) 233-9896 or .moc.emornact%40eciffo

How Can We Pray For You?

Prayer is a cornerstone of a Christian's life, serving as a vital means of communication with God. It offers a way to express gratitude, seek guidance, and find comfort in times of trouble. Through prayer, Christians can deepen their relationship with God, gain spiritual strength, and experience a sense of peace and purpose. The practice of prayer fosters a sense of community, as believers pray for each other and unite in their faith. Overall, prayer profoundly impacts a Christian's spiritual growth and daily living.


Do You Need Some Encouragment?

Feeling the need for someone to talk to or seeking a bit of extra encouragement? Our Encouragers Ministry Team is here for you. Reach out to connect with compassionate listeners who are ready to support and uplift you.